Can I talk to you before booking my first counselling or hypnotherapy session?

Yes, you can. If you have any questions to put to me before taking the step of booking your first counselling or hypnotherapy session I will be happy to answer these in an email or telephone 07766551804. To request an initial counselling or hypnotherapy meeting with me without obligation to continue, please click on enquiry form to arrange this.

"I just wanted to thank you for all you done for me, I really appreciate the time and interest you have invested and hope you realise what a difference this has made to my life"
Jasmine (London Client)

How many counselling sessions do I need?

I suggest that if clients have never experienced counselling before, they should think in terms of an initial six counselling sessions though you can end sooner than that if you wish to. During the sixth counselling session we will look at what has been achieved and whether or not you would like to continue. No pressure is brought to bear on you. It is your decision and will be respected.

What about confidentiality in counselling & hypnotherapy?

All the information exchanged during counselling or hypnotherapy is treated in confidence in accordance with BACP's Code of Ethics.

What if I cannot make a counselling or hypnotherapy appointment?

Once the first counselling or hypnotherapy appointment has been booked, I require at least 1 week notice if you decide to cancel your booked, arranged counselling or hypnotherapy meeting, otherwise the full agreed fee is payable.

If you cannot help, could you refer me?

If I feel I cannot help you I can refer to somebody else accordingly to your individual needs.

The following websites may be helpful to look at:

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Mental Health (national institute of mental health) (eating disorders)

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