About me <B> Un po' di me</B>. Claire

My Counselling Background

I grew up in Italy and moved to UK in 1998 to live and work in London. I spent several years working in travelling and banking industries before changing my career into Counselling and Hypnotherapy, drawn to it because whilst in my corporate work I became very interested in the "human" that was inside the role. I also encouraged my friends and colleagues to fulfil their full potential. I finally understood that by empowering them, they empowered others and that created a ripple effect around them. Since then, that ripple has become bigger and bigger as I decided to be a "rippler" as a profession. I now feel much happier and fulfilled so is the experience of many of my clients at the end of the therapy.

"I make me. At 18, I decided I wasn't going to have an unconstructed self ever. I was going to be the composer, the designer, the architect of me. It's been really fun." Patch Adams (physician, social activist)

In my clinical experience as counsellor and hypnotherapist, I started to work with teenagers in 2003, at Youthreach in Greenwich, London, and then worked with vulnerable adults at Mind in Tower of Hamlets, London. I have also worked with children at The Place2Be in Cricklewood, London. I am currently practising Counselling & Hypnotherapy exclusively in private practice, in North London and Harley Street.

About me <B> Un po' di me</B>. bordeaux
"Before I started the counselling I was worried about telling people about my problems. I was put completely at ease. I did not think it would help me. But I was wrong....Marianna's understanding helped me talk things through, letting me work out myself but being there for me if I needed her. I could tell her lots of things and not be judged. It helped me so much, I have only got great praise for Marianna"
Sandra (London Client)

Professional Qualifications In Counselling & Hypnotherapy

  • Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling CPCAB accredited, City & Islington College, London.

  • Advanced Hypnotherapy Diploma GHSC and CMA validated, Holistic Healing College, London.

  • Allergies, Phobias and Energy Psychology Techniques Certificate, CMA validated, Holistic Healing College, London.

  • Spiritual Life Coaching Certificate CMA validated, Holistic Healing College, London.

  • I studied at Universita' degli Studi di Salerno in Italy to and beyond degree level in Communication and Media Studies but majored in Psychology.

  • About me <B> Un po' di me</B>. Registered Member BACP

    Professional Membership

    I am a full member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (MBACP membership no. 572613) and I work towards their counselling Code of Ethics and Complaints Procedure, which I can share with you if you require.

    Counselling Supervision

    I am in regular counselling supervision. I may discuss our counselling work in supervision, which is an ethical requirement for my Registration with BACP and designed to ensure you get the best possible counselling service. When I do talk about our work, I do so in ways which preserve your anonymity. I am happy to discuss my counselling supervision arrangements with you.

    Continuous Professional Development & Insurance

    I am committed to Continuous Professional Counselling Development Training as I like to give always the best to my clients. My London counselling practice is also fully insured.

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