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My Counselling Philosophy

I am an integrative humanistic counsellor, which means that I see you as having innate resources and potential to draw on and develop.

I believe that:
  • We have the answers we need within us that need to be discovered.

  • "Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart, who looks outside, dreams, who looks inside, awakes" (C. G. Jung)

  • We can be trusted to find our own way out of our difficulties.

  • We have a natural tendency to grow and change.

  • Benefits of Counselling

  • Getting in touch with our hidden capacity to change and grow out of our difficulties.

  • Discover that we have more choices in life than we thought we had.

  • Becoming aware of who we really are.

  • Developing a deeper feeling of self-trust and self-value.

  • "Non sono piu' spaventata dal camminare da sola" (London Counselling Client)

  • Being more independent.

  • Building rewarding relationships.

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    What Can You Expect From Counselling?

  • I offer a peaceful and creative space in which you can find the answers that are right for you and develop your own unique potential.

  • I try my best to understand how the world looks through your eyes, what feels like to be in your shoes.

  • I accept you as you are, without judgement.

  • "Quello che ho trovato a Brunel House, Flat 9, porta rossa , e' stata un'atmosfera di completa accettazione"
    (London Counselling Client)

  • I will not tell you what to do but "walk" alongside you, following your path, assisting you in finding your own solutions.

  • I will provide a safe, understanding and supportive relationship.

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    Counselling & Arts Therapy

    In addition to offering talking therapy, counselling and psychotherapy, I can also offer arts therapy where appropriate. There is no pressure, however, to engage with the arts if you prefer simply to talk. Using the arts in sessions can be helpful in expressing feelings that are difficult to talk about. It can also help us to unlock creative energy and find new solutions.

    I will not interpret your art. In counselling the emphasis is on exploring what the artwork, whatever form it takes, means to you who created it and on creating opportunities to experience creative aliveness. The process of art also brings us into the present moment and increases awareness of creative flow.

    Creative play is a fundamental part of our mental health and well-being. As adults we do not give ourselves permission to play and our creativity, enthusiasm and inspiration diminish as a result. As Bernard Shaw used to say "We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing".

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    Counselling and Nature Alignment

    Nature Alignment is a way of working with the psyche through nature. In Nature Alignment, nature becomes a mirror of our internal world. The line between the internal and external worlds is arbitrary. Through exploring where we end and the other begins we discover that far from being separate there is a synchronicity which challenge the fixed idea of who we are and what is our goal in life and help us to see beyond the fixed patterns imposed by our defending egos. Through Nature Alignment we explore our connection with all other forms of life.
    In nature alignment sessions the emphasis is on observing the world as it is rather than analysing it so we can let the natural world getting in and through it we can see reflections of our deeper selves.

    In a Nature Alignment the intuitive way of understanding reality has primary importance whilst the rational and logical side have a marginal role.

    The outdoor sessions are on Hampstead heath, London. The pre-outdoor session takes place in my consulting room which is near Highgate, London.

    Generally it is useful to wear sturdy boots and clothes you don’t mind getting dirty. Water proofs may be advisable but that clearly depends on the weather forecast.

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